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The Schwab Group pursues the development and applications of the most advanced measurement techniques to both probe the fundamental quantum nature of the physical world, and to further nanoscience and nanotechnology. Currently our work has been focused on the exploration of the quantum properties of nanoscale electro-mechanical structures at ultra-low temperatures, and the applications of nanofabrication to atomic and quantum optics experiments.

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NEMS coupled to qubitNanomechanics coupled to qubits
We have developed both the theoretical and experimental techniques to couple mechanical structures to superconducting qubits, with the aim of producing new quantum measurement techniques and demonstrating the quantum behavior of "large" mechanical structures. The SEM pic shows a device made by Pierre Echternach in collaboration with Michael Roukes and Matt LaHaye at Caltech. Read more >>

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Squeezing Manipulating the quantum fluctuations of motion below the zeropoint level  Read more >>

We have a position in the group for a phd student who is interested in pursuing hybrid quantum systems, coupling cold atomic systems with condensed matter systems....  Read more >>